Porteau Cove Campsite - Vancouver, British Columbia

Access: Shore dive. Entering the water at Porteau Campsite

Location: Porteau Cove is accessible from the Sea-to-Sky Highway from Horseshoe Bay to Squamish. Once you take the turnoff to Porteau Cove proper, cross the rail tracks and keep left. You'll come to the gate house for the camp ground which will be closed in the winter but open most of the rest of the year. You may have to walk in with all of your gear. Either way, proceed to the end of the road where you'll find a turnaround. Park if you still have your vehicle and take the path to a protected little cove. This is Porteau Cove itself. There's easy changing and big trees for protection from the rain and snow.

What you'll find: The campsite is a good place to go in winter when it's too rough to dive at the main Porteau Cove dive site. It is well protected from northerly gales and the area is an active provincial campground so you can't just drive in except in the winter. There is a nice grassy area at the cove to prepare and a reasonably easy entry. The cove itself is shallow and gravelly but there are often hundreds of crabs scurrying about. Once near the point the bottom quickly drops off and there is a nice rock wall/slope to explore. This is a good place to see lingcod and octopus. Have a close look at the sunken logs to see a row of prawns hanging out underneath.

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Updated 07 January 2002
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