Whytecliff Park- Vancouver, British Columbia

Access: Shore dive.

Location: Whytecliff park is located in southeastern Howe Sound. From the upper levels highway, take Exit #1 for 400m and turn left onto the highway overpass. The overpass turns into Marine drive, which you should follow as it winds itself to Whytecliff park. The park is marked with a large wooden sign.

What you'll find: This is the one of closest dive sites to down town, offering a picnic area, rest rooms, telephone, and a concession stand. This site is actually three in one; Whyte Islet, Whytecliff marker, and the Cut. You will find rapidly descending series of walls and rocky ledges, mild slopes, and some remnants of the long ago removed marina docks. Home to calcarous tube worms, sea stars, sea cucumbers; as well as lemon peel and alabaster nudibranchs. White and orange plumose anemones are plentiful. Brittle stars, large sea pens, sunflower stars, yellow boring spunges, sea peaches. Glassy sea squirts and sea cucumbers. Purple and green sea urchins, octopus, colonies of zoanthids, and giant barnicles. Cloud sponges, kelp, barnacles, purple stars, blackeye gobies, and flatfish are common here. Sea firs, swimming scalopes, gumboot chitons, galathaeid crabs, and buffalo sculpins are found at Whyteciff as well. Dogfish and seals are common around the day-marker.

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Updated 05 January 2002
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