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Freediving or breath-hold diving is a fantastic sport that is gaining global popularity and momentum. Our recent success at our first competition in Nice, France in October 2000 had us achieving an impressive 2nd place combined. Our goal this year is to represent Canada at the AIDA (Association for the International Development of Apnea) World Championships in Ibiza, Spain from October 1st through 7th, 2001 and maintain our ranking as a competitive country within the sport of freediving.

As the first non-profit freediving association in Canada, we aim to further the promotion and development of the sport of freediving both recreationally and competitively within Canada and abroad.

Please take a few moments to look through the information provided to help you better understand the sport and the nature of what we are trying to accomplish.

What is Freediving?

Freediving or breath-hold diving is an advanced form of snorkeling. Pearl divers throughout the Pacific and Caribbean islands can date this activity back 4500 years. Freediving as a sport or competition, rather than a way of sustenance has been developing since the late 1940’s and has reached a wider audience and participation with movies such as the Big Blue by Luc Besson.

Freedivers share a natural ability with all marine mammals of which we have evolutionary roots. The human mammalian diving reflex allows humans to remain submerged for periods upwards of 8 minutes and reach depths on one breath of 82 meters / 270 feet in a safe and supervised environment.

Recreationally freediving is enjoyed by millions of participants world wide as seen at any sunny resort location where many enjoy the opportunities to explore natural coral reefs and marine life with just a mask, fins and snorkel.

International competitive freediving enjoys a very large and supportive audience in Europe, Asia and South America. This year alone, there are over 15 international competitions throughout the world where many great athletes gather to challenge themselves and to foster camaraderie among many nations.

Who is CAFA?

CAFA is the Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea. We are a non-profit, national organization incorporated under Chapter II of the Canada Corporations Act. Our goals are to promote the activity of freediving as a recreation and a competitive sport to Canadians of all ages and abilities. CAFA was incorporated June 30th, 2000 in Vancouver, BC and has membership across Canada. We have allied with many other water sport organizations and look forward to mutual cooperation to promote each other’s activities.

CAFA’s working structure is made up of a broad membership base with a volunteer executive and committees that help in furthering its goals across Canada and abroad. Our current Sponsorship and Fundraising Committee is working hard towards helping CAFA and Team Canada attain the needed funding for the coming year.

CAFA’s Long-term Goals

CAFA’s current mission is to help raise money towards the promotion of recreational and competitive freediving. We are pursuing many programs to help us achieve these goals:

  • Instructional programs
  • Community development
  • Regional and National competitions
  • International competitions and Team Canada

Our most immediate need is for Team Canada!

Team Canada

For the second time, Canada will be represented in an international freediving competition with both a men and women’s team. The AIDA World Championships to be held in Ibiza, Spain October 1st through 7th, 2001, will be the stage for the Canadian team and CAFA to be joined by 50 other countries at an international World Championship event.

Our recent success in placing 2nd in the combined team, 3rd place for women’s and 4th place for men’s at Nice, France in October 2001 helped us being recognized as a competitive and friendly team.

For the AIDA World Championships, CAFA will be sending Team Canada, made up of a four-man and four-woman freediving team along with a coach/manager and assistant. Team Canada is a diverse group of individual’s from many walks of life.

Our committed team members are engaged in a strict training schedule and are already achieving goals that will make us extremely competitive. Canadians have a great reputation in the world of sports and are loved as ambassadors to our great country. We will uphold that responsibility in everything we do.

The World Championships in Spain will allow Team Canada to exchange ideas on safety, physiological theory and training techniques with others who share the same interest and passion for freediving.

We are finding more and more interest nationally in the sport of free diving after our amazing success at the World Cup and expect this to grow remarkably after our team has the opportunity to compete in Spain and receive international exposure. This trend will only continue to grow with future international and national competitions!


By sponsoring Team Canada you will be enabling Canadian athletes to compete in one of the biggest international free diving events ever, where we will gain valued experience from some of the best free divers in the world. This fantastic opportunity will give our Canadian free divers and your company international exposure, so don’t miss this chance to take advantage of the international news media and sporting magazines that will be present to cover the competition. A list of our media exposure is provided in this package.

How does your sponsorship help you?

  • Team Canada will be issuing national and international media releases prior to and after the competition with thanks to all of our sponsors who have been so integral in our success. It is in our best interest to gain the maximum exposure possible after the competition and we will insure this exposure include the logo’s and possible mention of your company.
  • All sponsors will have their names and/or logos displayed in relationship to their level of sponsorship, which is outlined below. We understand your commitment to us is a business relationship and we will insure you maximum exposure during the competition and during all media interviews. You will have your logo’s displayed on the following items:
    • Wetsuits-Front and back, torso, hood, arms and legs
    • Fins front and back
    • Team uniforms such as hats, t-shirts, polo-shirts and jackets
    • Luggage and equipment bags
    • Banners and flags
  • You will receive a page on our CAFA sponsors page with a link to your website. From our website we will try to provide daily updates on our progress.
  • A commemorative display that will include a personalized framed thank you letter and photo signed by Team Canada.

Team Canada’s Budget

All the members of our team are committed to personal excellence and come from many different walks of life. We need your help to properly equip and fund the team’s diving gear, travel and living expenses. Flights, hotels, food, transportation and diving equipemnt are all costly.

We expect total costs to be approximately $30,000.00 US and a breakdown is provided below. Team Canada appreciates any and all sponsorship offers, but specific sponsorship program has been created to assure proper exposure is provided to those who commit to helping with our success. Your sponsorship goes towards ensuring the team is comprised of proud, organized and competitive Canadian freediving ambassadors, ready to show the world that we can compete with the very best in freediving!

A breakdown of our anticipated budget for the Ibiza Spain Sponsorship is as follows for a 10-person team based in US dollars:

Description Per Person Team Total
Airfare and ground transportation* $1700.00 $17,000.00
Equipment and uniforms** $1,000.00 $10,000.00
Registration/Accommodations for 10 days $200.00 $2,000.00
Team Canada and sponsors promo kits $100.00 $1,000.00

* Sponsorship with travel vouchers, points, etc will be valued on normal consumer prices available.

** Manufacturers who wish to sponsor with equipment will have their total value based on their best dealer pricing.

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship levels have been set to insure the appropriate percentage of visibility is fair to all sponsors. A percentage of team wetsuits has been established. These percentages will also be used on team uniforms, luggage and bags, banners, flags and our website. They are as follows:

Platinum Sponsor 50% visibility, value of $15,000us.
Gold Sponsor 30% visibility, value of $9,000us.
Silver Sponsor 20% visibility, value of $6,000us.
Bronze Sponsor 10% visibility, value of $3,000us.

Sponsorship is for a year and all international competitions that Team Canada may go to after the World Championship will ensure the use of equipment to maximize sponsor visibility.

First option to renew is given to all sponsors for following years. We also appreciate any non-corporate sponsors. Individuals who wish to sponsor us are always welcome and very much appreciated.

For More Information

Below are resources for further information regarding the Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea (CAFA), the Association for the International Development of Apnea (AIDA) and the World Cup competition held in Nice, France this past October.

Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea (CAFA)

Kirk Krack, CAFA President
[email protected]

Association for the International Development of Apnea (AIDA)

AIDA World Cup, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat 2000

Team Canada Exposure

  1. August 2000 – Freediver Magazine, Issue # 9 – Pictures of Team Canada Members.
  2. August 2000 – Coast Magazine Article – “Into the Abyss”, three pages with pictures.
  3. September 2000 – The Courier Magazine – Article on CAFA and competitions with pictures.
  4. September 2000 – BCTV 6pm news – 2min clip with video of CAFA regional competition.
  5. September 2000 – The Weather Channel – Played for a 2-week period several times a day for a total of 28 spots.
  6. The AIDA world Cup in Nice, France brought writers and news people from several European newspapers, magazines, and TV stations.
  7. September & October 2000 – Diver Magazine – Team Canada success in Nice.
  8. December 2000 – “Diver Magazine” – Team Canada Members Beach Clean Up & Aquarium Beluga swim.
  9. October 2000 – Freediver Magazine, Issue #10 – AIDA USA special thanks to Team Canada.
  10. January 2001 – Freediver Magazine, Issue #11 – World Cup Nice 2000 results – Cover shot Team Canada member.
  11. January 2001 – Freediver Magazine- Video, “The Forgotten Origin” – Team Canada members performing.
  12. CAFA Web Site
  13. Rowand’s Reef Web Site & News from the Reef

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