2004 AIDA Team World Championships


2004 AIDA Team World Championships

Vancouver, Canada

Host City



The Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea invites the freedivers of the world to Vancouver for the 2004 AIDA Team World Championships. In September 2003, Vancouver was selected to host this prestigious event and the Vancouver freediving community is excited to show the freedivers of the world what Vancouver has to offer.

In mid-January 2004, a new site will be launched to show information, accept registration, and ultimately post results and pictures. This new site will be at www.aidaworlds2004.com. In the meantime, have a look at this site for details of the fourth AIDA World Freediving Championships by Team.

Details in Brief

  • Dates: August 4th to 12th, 2004
  • Home base at University of British Columbia
    • Accommodations in university dorms
    • Static and optional dynamic apnea events in the UBC outdoor pool
  • Constant ballast event just a few hundred metres from shore in Lions Bay
Deep water is just a short swim from shore The waters of Howe Sound are deep but well protected

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