Constant Ballast

Ascending diver The Constant Ballast event will be held off a barge anchored just offshore from Lions Bay. Competitors will be bused from the accomodations at UBC to the Lions Bay Marina. The trip will take about an hour.

In order to maximize the tide windows, there will be four competition lines, with two lines active at any one time. The competition zone will be able to process four competitors every ten minutes.

Safety Team

Vancouver's safety scuba divers are world-class and very experienced. Our core deep safety team has been working CAFA competitions since its very beginning in 2000. Some of our divers have helped out in over eight local competitions, providing safety and support in Vancouver's challenging conditions.

In addition to local support from the H20 Madness team, we will also have several more divers from TDI Canada, Can-Dive Construction and Farallon USA.

Underwater Video

Partnerships with Amphibico, Nuytco, Can-Dive, and Farallon will provide an unprecedented opportunity for underwater imaging at these World Championships. These companies will provide world-class video equipment and lighting, including live video on the barge, ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), and two manned submersibles.

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