Kirk Krack will be the primary organizer for the 2004 World Championships. Kirk has a passion for the development of competitive freediving and a strong desire to organize big freediving events. Kirk's knowledge and experience in freediving, technical diving and event organization are second to none in the world.

Krack Facts:

  • Organizer of 12 competitions in Canada since 2000
  • Organizer of over 15 world record attempts since 1998
  • Founder and President of CAFA
  • AIDA International board member
  • AIDA level B judge
  • IANTD/TDI Trimix Instructor Trainer
  • World renowned freediving instructor

Additional Support

The other members of the CAFA board, composed of Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, Tom Lightfoot, Perry Gladstone and Ken McCallum are also very excited to host the 2004 AIDA World Championships. The grass-roots support for this bid is Vancouver freediving community, which is at least 40 members strong.

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