Crew Schedule for Constant Ballast Competition

Sunday, August 8

Sun, Aug 8th Volunteer Shifts: 11:00 am – 2:45 pm 2:45 pm – 6:30 pm
In-Water Judge
Deck Judge
Deck Judge
Bottom Video
Admin / Relief
  Depth Adjusteer    
  Video Cable    
  Safety Freediver    
  Safety Freediver    
  Admin / Relief    
Comp Line Freedivers      
Briefing by Tom / Peter A Lines Safety Eric Fattah Eric Fattah
Surface and underwater supervision A Lines Safety Darryl Caves Darryl Caves
Emergency intervention A Lines Safety/Trans Laurent de Camprieu Laurent de Camprieu
Barge set-up B Lines Safety Tyler Zetterstrom Tyler Zetterstrom
Lanyard / guage B Lines Safety Chris Kearney Chris Kearney
EMT communication B Lines Safety/Trans Julien Nathan Julien Nathan
Hazard identification Transition A (Lanyard / Guage): Lisa Cooke Lisa Cooke
Transition B (Lanyard / Guage): Eric Kalnins Eric Kalnins
Freedive Video
Relief Freedivers: Peter Scott Peter Scott
Comp Line Scubadivers    
Briefing by Bill Coltart Rob Preece Rob Preece
For detailed schedule David Lei David Lei
please see Bill Shane Brandon Shane Brandon
Rob Dehaas Rob Dehaas
Kelvin Magee Kelvin Magee
Denis Chow Denis Chow
Debbie Zylich Debbie Zylich
Doug Harwood Doug Harwood
Derek Sather Derek Sather
Tina Nelson Tina Nelson
Laura Storm Harris Laura Storm Harris
Stu Gordon Stu Gordon
John Crcek John Crcek
Jerome Ryan Jerome Ryan
Lenny Marriott Lenny Marriott
Ken Poirier Ken Poirier
Shanyn Poirier Shanyn Poirier
Evelyne Skorczynski Evelyne Skorczynski
Jodie Ritchie Jodie Ritchie
Briefing by Bill Coltart 80m Back-up/Supervisor Oly Goldbeck Oly Goldbeck
80m Back-up/Supervisor Brenda Rozzman Brenda Rozzman
Supervisor Sheri Goldbeck Sheri Goldbeck
Equipment Handler
Warm-up Line Freedivers    
Briefing by Tom / Peter Line A1 Jason Billows Jason Billows
Surface and underwater supervision Line A2 James Dahl Giovanni Cirillo
Emergency intervention Line A3 James Griffiths James Griffiths
Barge set-up Line B1 Adam Lein Adam Lein
Line B2 Cory Dueck Cory Dueck
Line B3 Ivo Georgiev Ivo Georgiev
Relief Freedivers: David Bickle, Andy Norlander David Bickle, Andy Norlander, James Dahl
Warm-up Line Scubadivers  
Briefing by Bill Coltart Line A1-3
Emergency Intervention Line B1-3
Barge Support Barge Systems Greg Hamilton Greg Hamilton
Briefing by Greg Hamilton Barge Coordinator Julie Billows / Peter Scott Julie Billows / Peter Scott
Checking everyone on/off barge Barge Checker Sergio Bernardo Laurie Kindiak
Boat docking supervision Comp Line Announcer Julie Billows / Jennifer? Julie Billows / Jennifer?
Barge set-up and support Warm-up Line A 1-2 Tender Andrew McGlinchey Anne Laure Bottier
Warm-up Line A 3-4 Tender Tamara Raison Dan LaFlame
Warm-up B 1-2 Tender Calvin Krack Barbara Krack
Warm-up B 3-4 Tender Kelly Dunlap Alain Roux
Barge Support / Judge Support Tiadora Dimitrova Andrew McGlinchey
Photos Bruce Entus Bruce Entus
UW Photos Darryl Leniuk Darryl Leniuk
Morning Set -up Mike Cosmacini
Misc Alex Cole
Medical Support
Briefing by Bill Coltart EMT Jill Yoneda Jill Yoneda
Emergency intervention EMT Glen Polson Glen Polson
EMT Kathy Richardson Kathy Richardson
Safety Coordinator / EMT Bill Coltart Bill Coltart
Competition Doctor
Evac Boat
Shore Support
Briefing by TBA Boat Launch Laurie Kindiak Sergio Bernardo
Supervise boat docking Shore Support Alain Roux Kelly Dunlap
Check people in/out Shore Support Tamara Raison Tiadora Dimitrova
Public / media / competitor information Back-up / Runner Barbara Krack Calvin Krack
Set-up tents, showers, signs, etc Media Raquel Roizman Raquel Roizman
Misc Alex Cole
Transportation Logistics      
Briefing by Peter Scott Tender 1–athlete checker Anne Laure Bottier Anne Laure Bottier
Check athletes on/off bus Tender 2-athlete checker Tiadora Dimitrova Tiadora Dimitrova