Situated in the Southwest corner of Canada, Vancouver is the birthplace of CAFA and the home training ground for most of the Canadian Freediving Team. Vancouver was recently selected to host the 2010 Winter Olympics and is already well prepared to host a world-class sporting event.

Vancouver is Canada's third largest and most beautiful city, situated between the coast mountains and Georgia Strait.

The deep, protected waters of Howe Sound will be the location of the constant ballast event. This is where Eric Fattah made his world record dive in 2001.

Quick facts:

  • The average surface water temperature in summer is about 15 degrees Celsius and can reach as high as 20 degrees
  • The average daily high temperature in August is 23 degrees
  • Visibility at surface is 2 to 10 metres
  • Visibility deeper than 10 metres is 10 to 30 metres
  • Water is 100m deep only 100m from shore

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