Sunken Boeing 737, Chemainus, British Columbia

Access: Boat dive.

Location: The airplane is just a short boat ride from Chemainus. We took a charter boat from 49th Parallel Dive Charters. The site is well marked with small floats at the tail and mid-section. There is a larger float (not attached to plane for tying up, and a yellow marker buoy, also not attached. A satellite view of the site can be found here.

Here are some reference depths for the plane:

Top of tail18 m
Rear passenger doors25 m
Bottom below tail32 m
Front passenger doors22 m

What you'll find: After a year and a half since its sinking, the plane is covered with a variety of tube worms, starfish, tunicates and small anemones. It is still possible to see the Canadian Airlines logo on the tail. Expect the plane to become well covered by plumouse anemones as the years go by.

The plane is very well prepared for diving, with all seats, windows, doors, avionics and cables removed. It is also mounted a few metres above the bottom.

Looking in the front windows
Side view
Side view
At the tail fin
At the tail fin
Swiming beside the tail
Swimming beside the tail

Hazards: Since the shallowest part of the plane lies at 18m (60ft), this site is for intermediate to advanced freedivers only. Avoid overhead environments, including inside and under the plane.


Submitted by Tom Lightfoot.

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Updated 13 June 2007
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