Bare Reef, Chemainus, British Columbia

Access: Boat dive.

Location: Bare Reef is named after the nearby Bare Point that protects Chemainus harbour. After the initial dropoff from shore there is a trench and then the reef, which is less than 10m depth at its peak. A map of the location can be found here.

What you'll find: The reef is covered with white and orange plumose anemones, even at its shallowest point. It is a good spot for photography. The bottom slopes off towards the North but inshore towards the point there is a nice wall that starts at around 15m and drops off past 25m.

Orange and white plumose anemones
The reef is covered with white and orange plumose anemones

Hazards: There is a fuel tank farm on Bare Point and tankers often dock right nearby. It is best to pick another location if there is a tanker at dock.

Submitted by Tom Lightfoot.

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Updated 15 June 2007
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