Rocky Point – Lantzville, British Columbia

Access: Shore dive.

Location: The village of Lantzville is up the Island Highway 15 kilometers from Nanaimo. It is a lovely little village perched on the side of the ocean, with miles of sandy beach at low tide. The beach areas make a great drift dive during the summer low tides. One may easily park at one of the many beach access points and walk a mile or two on the beach and then hop in the water and let the tide drift you back to where you started. Better check the tide table first. A good spot to do this is to park at Oar Road and walk toward Rocky Point, which will be to your right as you face the water.

What you’ll find: The drift is very pleasant. However, since the bottom is sandy there is not a lot to see except for star fish, dungeness crabs, rock crabs, spider crabs, skates, and flounder. There are also cut throat trout that may be seen at the many creek mouths.

Submitted by Doug Morgan.