Keel Cove - Nanaimo, British Columbia

Access: Shore dive.

Location:Keel Cove is just west of Neck Point and can be easily swum to from the park or accessed from Hammond Bay Road by way of McGuffie Road. Keel Cove is almost secluded and has only parking for three vehicles. It has a short trail down to the water that the scuba people do not like so you are much less likely to find them there.

What you'll find: The cove is home to two wrecks, although the shallower one is heavily weathered. There is a rope to the other wreck that lies in 25 meters. It is a lovely cove and can be accessed by the bus. The scenery is similar to Neck Point, but the cove has reefs to the east and the west which are lacking at neck Point and home to many marine creatures.

Submitted by Doug Morgan.

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Updated 29 January 2002
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